WHO New Guide Line

World Health Organization New Guideline on Abortion Care

16. Mar, 2022

WHO New Abortion Care Guideline

Comprehensive abortion care includes the provision of information, abortion management (including induced abortion, and care related to pregnancy loss/spontaneous abortion and post-abortion care. Strengthening
access to comprehensive abortion care within the health system is fundamental to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating to good health and well-being (SDG3) and gender equality (SDG5). WHO’s
Global Reproductive Health Strategy, which seeks to accelerate progress towards achievement of international development goals, identifies elimination of unsafe abortion2 as a priority mandate. The importance of qualitabortion care to health is similarly underscored by the United Nations Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, which includes evidence-based interventions for abortion and post-abortion care as one effective way to help individuals thrive and communities transform (WHO New Guideline on Abortion Care )


The Studying Accompaniment Model Feasibility & Effectiveness (SAFE) Study

SAFE Study is a rigorous prospective study to measure the effectiveness of self-managed abortion with accompaniment group support, not only in an attempt to address these persistent concerns about effectiveness and safety, but also to gather more data on the experiences of people who self-manage and to better understand their support needs with the objective os : 

• Measuring the effectiveness of self-managed medication abortion via the accompaniment model
• Measuring  the nature and incidence of complications (the safety) of self-managed medication abortion via the accompaniment model
• Testing whether self-managed medication abortion via the accompaniment model is non-inferior to clinically-managed medication abortion

The primary outcome for the study was effectiveness of self-managed MA with accompaniment support: specifically, the proportion of participants that reported a complete abortion during the follow-up process without surgical evacuation at any point.




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Regional Members Meeting

18. Jun, 2021


GIWYN’s Ms Rosy hotline was used for a co-designed study –Studying Accompaniment Study Feasibility and Effectiveness, 650 participants who contacted the hotline were recruited and their abortion experience analyzed. Result showed that Self-managed abortion with accompaniment group support is safe and effective with 99% of participants reporting a complete abortion without surgical intervention. The study also proves that Self-Managed Medication Abortion is effective and no less effective than self-managed abortion done in the clinical setting

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Int Women's Day

8. Mar, 2021

Sharing of SAFE Study Results

Sharing of SAFE Study Results to stake holders on the occasion of International Women's Day

The Studing Accompaniment Model Feasibility and Effectiveness (SAFE STUDY)

Hotline Staff discussion of Safe Study Result _Dissemination

Safe Study dissemination

Hotline Staff discuss Efficacy of Hotline information using Evidence based Result from SAFE STUDY -A prospective Multi Country Study : Follow link https://www.ibisreproductivehealth.org/publications/effectiveness-and-safety-self-managed-medication-abortion



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