African Child's Day

One Day Consultative Meeting  held in Lagos

Ppromoted girls’ access to quality health care and child friendly Justice


  1. Equiped  10  girls with skills and knowledge to examine  what “A BRIGHTER    FUTURE”   Means   to a Nigeria Child
  2. Increased the participants knowledge on the history around June 16th Day of the African Child initiated by Organisation of African Unity (OAU)
  3. Equiped them  on how to manage their sexual reproductive Health
  4. Created awareness of the  Girl Child -Friendly Policy   
  5. Talked on  the Girl Child within and  Beyond COVID 19 Pandemic


  1. Created a working group 
  2. Produced  a statement highlighting brighter future of the Nigerian Child t

In addition we 

  • . Created T/Shirts with the inscription related to the year’s  ‘BRIGHTER    FUTURE for The African Girl Child”  : Reproductive Health  and Girl Child -Friendly Policy  )
  • Shared the posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to create awareness of the campaign