• Equip them to know how to manage sexual reproductive Health

The effect of COVID19 on sexual and reproductive health were discussed: due to Covid19 pandemic where young girls are indoors with their parents and the society tend to shield necessary information on reproductive health from young girls, medical personnel are focused on seeking a cure for Covid19 leaving behind issues which involves reproductive and sexual health of the female gender.

Issues around gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy and abortion, effects of teenage pregnancy, STD’s and HIV/AIDS were talked about; gender-based violence has been termed a “shadow pandemic”. Some gender-based violence include sexual violence, physical violence, and rape.  Cases of teenage pregnancy has been increasing and is still increasing, and its effect include depression, isolation, early pregnancy, unsafe abortion (where young girls involve themselves in the use if prescribed pills and concoctions), early marriage and stigmatization.

Finally, young girls can avoid STD’s like HIV using protection and should have knowledge of contraceptives.

The participants were asked to give ideas on the solution to the challenges (problems) stated above.


The table below shows participants activity on solution to the challenges






Sexual Violence

By going to work, by going to school, avoid early marriage and early pregnancy and every girl should be educated.



The government should create more job opportunities or introduce a program on skill acquisition.


Teenage pregnancy

We should always cover our body well, so we don’t attract boys.

We should have the right to say No or Yes and avoid unwanted pregnancy.


Ending of schooling

Ending of school involves youth standing up for their rights and knowing what they want, parents should not force them to do what they don’t want to do.


Early marriage

Parents should not force their children to get married when they are not ready to be married, we need to stand for our rights.


Sexual violence


Report to your friend, or an elderly person what you are going through.



The work between boys and girls should be equally shared.

Exercise your right as a girl.


Teenage pregnancy


Parents need to watch out for the safety of their children especially girls.



 Parents should know the number of children that they will give birth to.

Parents should educate their children.

Government should provide job opportunities for the youth.


Loss of Jobs

The government should provide Jobs for the youth, in order to help their families and themselves.

Lack of Job for the youth causes a lot of damages for the youth and the youth doesn’t like being idle, so they need jobs.


Early marriage


By giving the girl child equal right and education.


STD’s and HIV

Use safety precautions. E.g. the use of condoms, so that it will prevent you from getting STD’s, HIV/AIDs.

Check yourself before and after sex and also check male for any disease. E.g. HIV/AIDS

Say NO to sex it will help a lot.


Lack of access to SRHR

Sensitization seminars for youths, adequate dissemination through social media platforms.

Proper patient/customer service sensitization for healthcare givers and pharmacist.


Early marriage

Parents should be enlightened and also advised not to marry out their girl child at an early age and also parents should be advised not to have the mindset of “I should marry my girl child and use the money to send boy child to school”


STD’s and HIV

Total abstinence.

Use of artificial contraceptives like condoms, pills, etc.

Say no to unprotected sex.



Provision of Job for the youth

Provision of security around school

Avoiding of unwanted pregnancy and rape

Provision of good facility for the youth and child.